Suny-TEFL Program Description

Program Description:


Global socioeconomic conditions in the new millennium require the need for going beyond conventional teacher education  models and highlight multidimensional, interdisciplinary educational programs for teacher education. Based on this  philosophy, Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Foreign Language Education in collaboration with  State University of New York (SUNY)–New Paltz is offering a dual diploma undergraduate program in Teaching English as  a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Liberal Studies.  


The program in TEFL-Liberal Studies provides students with a solid foundation in the field of English language teaching and  helps them to develop strategies, firmly grounded in research, theory and practice, to teach English in any part of the world,  or to do research on the teaching, learning or assessment of English as a foreign language. This formulation is enriched  by ‘Liberal Studies’ perspective that students will gain throughout their education.


The four-year program includes full-time enrolment for 6 semesters at METU and 2 semesters and 2 summer sessions at  SUNY-New Paltz: first, second and fourth years at METU, and the third year and two summer sessions at SUNY, New Paltz. Compulsory courses in the program provide students with the fundamentals of English language teaching profession while  a wide spectrum of elective courses in psychology, sociology, philosophy, linguistics and literature equip them with new perspectives and new horizons.  


Upon successful completion of all the requirements at both institutions, students of this dual diploma program are awarded  Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language Teaching at METU and Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies at  SUNY-New Paltz.


During their education, students will have  


  • a chance to study in one of the most respectable institutions both in Turkey and the US,
  • an understanding of cross-cultural characteristics of today’s world by being a student in Turkey and in the US, and
  • compulsory courses which aims to familiarize students with the fundamentals of their academic development as well as a  wide range of elective courses which broaden their vision and facilitate their specialization.


For more information about the program, please visit suny.metu.edu.tr.