When you want to meet your Erasmus advisor, please come during the meeting hours or make an appointment via e-mail. After all your documents are completed, you can get a signature from the Erasmus coordinator of the department.

The Documents Required for Course Substitution

  1. Learning Agreement After Mobility: It should be signed by both universities.

  2. Academic Approval Form After Mobility: In LA After Mobility document, all of the courses taken will be written with their METU equivalents. In Academic Confirmation Form After Mobility, all the courses taken at the receiving university will be written, but METU equivalents will be added only for the courses to be counted. 

  3. Signed Original Transcript from the Partner University 

  4. Course Equivalency Confirmation Form: It will be filled in separately for each course to be counted. Signatures can be obtained from any instructor who can teach the relevant course. It can be filled in by hand and in Turkish. In order to persuade the professors, you will need to present the course materials you brought from the university you attended.

  5. Erasmus Course Substitution Scorecard: It will be prepared by your departmental Erasmus advisor after The Course Equivalency Approval Forms are all signed. Transcript must also be received for this process. 

  6. METU Transcript:It can be obtained online.

  7. Student Petition: Available from the Secretariat. The course substitution box will be ticked. A number will be obtained from the Rectorate Document Archive section. It will be approved by your advisor who gave your approval for the course in the department. All the items listed above will be written by marking there is an annex in the Appendix section.

All Documents should be scanned and sent to ersmsfle@metu.edu.tr before delivery.

When all documents and signatures are completed, they will be submitted to the department chair and sent to the faculty administrative committee (FYK).