Below you may find the procedures for the course selection at your host university and learning agreements before mobility. Please check THIS document for further information regarding the PROGRAM procedures before mobility.

  1. Please follow the Erasmus link on our departmental website ( and have a look at the course equivalency lists available there.
  2. Select the departmental courses based on those lists.
  3. For the non-departmental electives, please find equivalent courses from other departments at METU.
  4. While contacting us to check the content of courses at Erasmus universities, send their links including the course descriptions.
  5. Please prepare a first draft of the Learning Agreement. You should include both the codes and names of the possible courses at METU and the Erasmus university (using place holders like "Departmental elective" or "Non-departmental elective" is not helpful).
  6. After searching for the possible equivalent courses, if you still need further help, please contact us.
  7. With regard to the time management, please spare at least three-four weeks for the above mentioned process so that we can also have time for negotiation concerning the course content.
  8. Please consider that your emails will be replied within 1-3 work days since we also need some time for the final version of Learning Agreement. During the weekends, emails are not replied to.

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27/02/2022 - 04:05