ELIT Theses and Dissertations






Topal, Mahir Onat

"It's the meat talking: ignore it": The Question of Posthuman Embodiment in William Gibson's Neuromancer and Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go

Elif Öztabak Avcı 



Sevinç, Seray

Parodic Engagement with (Neo)Slave Narratives: Bernardine Evaristo's Blonde Roots and Andrea Levy's The Long Song

Elif Öztabak Avcı 



Tanrıöveri, Halilcan

Sebastian Barry's Critical Revisiting of Women's Representation in Anti-colonial Nationalist Narratives: On Canaan's Side and The Secret Scripture

Elif Öztabak Avcı 



Güzen, Aybüke

The Other Mothers in Caryl Phillips's The Final Passage and The Lost Child

Hülya Yıldız Bağçe



Özkuzey, Özden Barışcan

Hybridity and Heterotopias in China Miéville's Weird World of Bas-Lag

Margaret J. M. Sönmez



Doğan Aslantatar, Sadenur

Construction of Narrative Worlds in Mimetic and Anti-Mimetic Fiction: A Critical Reading of Possible Worlds Theory Elif Öztabak Avcı  2022 PhD

Kasurka, Mahinur Gözde

A Posthumanist Study of the Dystopian Novel: Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake, Jeanette Winterson's The Stone Gods, David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas Hülya Yıldız 2022 PhD

Kırpıklı, Deniz

The Role of Transcultural Memory in the Construction of Identity in Caryl Phillips’s Fiction Elif Öztabak Avcı  2021 PhD

Koç, Nesrin

The Reconstruction of Authorial Identity in Contemporary Author Fictions: A.S. Byatt's Possession, David Lodge's Author, Author and Maggie Gee's Virginia Woolf in Manhattan Elif Öztabak Avcı  2021 PhD

Özen, Altınay

Focalization in Verbal and Graphic Narratives: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Its Graphic Novel Adaptation Elif Öztabak Avcı  2021 MA

Toprak-Sakız, Elif

Vernacular Cosmopolitanism in Postmillennial British Fiction Nil Korkut-Naykı 2021 PhD
Kaygisiz, İsmail Deterritorialization of Home and Identity in Brian Chikwava’s Harare North and Chris Cleave’s The Other Hand Elif Öztabak Avcı 2020 MA
Sönmez-Demir, Yağmur Generic Reconfigurations in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Postmodern Hypertexts Elif Öztabak Avcı  2020 PhD
Baysal, Sermet Melis Trauma, Survival, and Resistance: Possibilities of Recovery in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane   and Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things Hülya Yıldız 2020 MA
Ünal, Nergis A Bakhtinian Analysis of the Protagonists’ Ethical Dilemma in Joseph Conrad’s Under Western Eyes and The End of the Tether Nil Korkut-Naykı 2020 MA
Anşin, Berfin Resistance and Heterotopia: An Analysis of Space in Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion and Orhan Pamuk’s The Museum of Innocence Nil Korkut-Naykı 2019 MA
Ateş, Meltem From Postmodernism to Metamodernism: Changing Perspectives towards Irony and Metanarratives in Julian Barnes’s A History of the World in 10 and ½ Chapters and Noise of Time Elif Öztabak Avcı  2019 MA
Kara, Emre An Analysis of Julian Barnes’s England, England and Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go in the Light of Jean Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation Elif Öztabak Avcı 2019 MA
Bulut, Bilge The Problem of Otherness in In the Heart of the Country by J.M. Coetzee, Night Lessons by Latife Tekin and Lighthousekeeping by Jeannette Winterson Hülya Yıldız 2019 PhD
Vargün, Ahmet Can Subversion of the Empire and Colonial Spatial Narratives in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Almayer’s Folly Hülya Yıldız 2019 MA
Karslı, Zehra A Sartrean Reading of John Fowles’ The Collector and The French Lieutenant’s Woman Nil Korkut-Naykı 2019 MA
Çokay-Nebioğlu, Rahime Deleuze and Contemporary Dystopia Nil Korkut-Naykı 2018 PhD

Oruç, Sinem

A Novelized Epic: An Analysis of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien in Terms of the Bakhtinian Distinction of the Epic Hero and the Novelistic Hero Elif Öztabak Avcı  2018 MA

Güleryüz Kara, Gülsevin

Spatial Politics in Nadeem Aslam’s The Wasted Vigil and The Blind Man’s Garden Hülya Yıldız 2018 MA

Tülüce, Mustafa Uğur

William Butler Yeats and Mysticism: A Neo-Platonic Approach to His Poetry Nil Korkut-Naykı 2017 MA

Nazli, Elzem

Postmodern Historiography in D. M. Thomas's The White Hotel and Martin Amis's Time's Arrow Nil Korkut Naykı 2016 MA

Yapar Demirciler, Dilara. 

A Study of mimicry in V. S. Naipaul’s the Mimic men and Emine Sevgi Özdamar’s The bridge of the golden horn  Hülya Yıldız Bağçe 2016 MA

Karabıyık, İrem. 

The Imperial club revisited: the transformation of spatial politics in E. M. Forster’s A Passage to India and James Frey’s Bright Shiny Morning  Hülya Yıldız Bağçe 2016 MA

Atar, Merve. 

A Study of feminist possibilities of escape from the panopticon and the male gaze in Pat Barker’s Union street and Angela Carter’s Nights at the circus  Elif Öztabak Avcı  2016 MA

Yılmaz, Victoria Bilge.

Carnivalization of gender hierarchies and the body in Virginia Woolf’s fiction  Elif Öztabak Avcı  2016 PhD

Kaya, Tuğba Billur. 

History of the novel in stories of femininity: Moll flanders, Evelina and Fordyce’s sermons  Hülya Yıldız Bağçe 2015 MA

Örmengül, Seda. 

Postnationalist subversion of the constituents of Irishness: land, religion and family in the plays of Martin McDonagh and Dermot Bolger  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2015 PhD

Tekin, Çağla.

The moral dimension of disguise and role-playing in Ben Jonson’s volpone, the alchemist and the silent woman  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2015 MA

Eratalay, Etkin Bilen.

Dickens’s Bleak house and The Old curiosity shop: a reading through things  Margaret J. M. Sönmez 2015 MA

Demirel Aydemir, Gül Deniz.

Why can’t we still be friends?: othering in intercultural relationships in E. M. Forster’s a Passage to India and Zadie Smith’s White teeth  Nil Korkut Naykı 2015 MA

Özgür, Nilüfer.

Thomas Hardy as a threshold figure and crisis of representation in his poetry—a deconstructionist reading  Nurten Birlik 2015 PhD

Türe Abacı, Özlem. 

Nomad thought in Peter Reading’s Perduta gente and Evagatory and Maggie O’sullivan’s In the house of the shaman and Palace of reptiles  Nurten Birlik 2015 PhD

Hoş, Gül Deniz.

Revisiting history through gothic evocations in Pat Barker’s regeneration trilogy  Dürrin Alpakın Martinez Caro  2015 MA

Çankaya, Tuğçe.

Constructing and deconstructing chivalric romance and modern fantasy literature  Dürrin Alpakın Martinez Caro 2015 PhD

Arslan, Murat.

Beyond the twin cores: the motif of doppelganger in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series  Dürrin Alpakın Martinez Caro  2015 MA

Coşar Çelik, Seda. 

Ambivalence in Victorian women’s writing: Ellen Wood’s East Lynne, Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret, Margaret Oliphant’s Hester (Co-advisor: Nursel İçöz) Hülya Yıldız Bağçe 2014 PhD

Koç, Nesrin. 

Representation of British Muslim identities in Leila Aboulela’s Minaret and Nadeem Aslam’s maps for lost lovers  Hülya Yıldız Bağçe  2014 MA

Bal, Reyyan. 

The Revival of romantic utopianism in rock lyrics of the 1960s (Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Margaret J.M. Sönmez) Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2014 PhD

Kahveci, Rana.

Realisms and working women in the novels of Gaskell and Brontë  Margaret J. M. Sönmez 2014 MA

Korkut, Esin. 

Archival texts and bodies in Thomas Hardy’s and E.M. Forster’s short stories  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2014 PhD

Dore, Peter Jeremy. 

An Analysis of the political approach of John Dryden’s plays and their appraisal through the ideas of Edmund Burke  Margaret J. M. Sönmez 2014 MA

Arslan, Özlem. 

A Postcolonial narratological study of silence in Abdulrazak Gurnah‟s Admırıng Silence and By The Sea  Elif Öztabak Avcı  2014 MA

Çağlar, Bircan.

Motherhood in Pat Barker’s post-industrial working-class fiction: a study of Union Street and Liza’s England  Elif Öztabak Avcı  2014 MA

Doğru Bakar, Hilal.

Construction and deconstruction of the nation and nationality in Kazuo Ishiguro’s an artist of the floating world and the remains of the day  Elif Öztabak Avcı  2014 MA

Kara, Mustafa. 

A Third world feminist approach to femaleness as inferior to maleness in Doris Lessing’s the grass is singing and Tsitsi Dangarembga’s nervous conditions  Dürrin Alpakın Martinez Caro  2014 MA

Başpınar, Harika. 

Nietzsche’s influence on modernist bildungsroman: the immoralist, a portrait of the artist as a young man, and demian  Dürrin Alpakın Martinez Caro  2014 MA

Kaya, Hilal.

A Comparative Study of Discontent with Modernity and Modernization in the Novels of Aldous Leonard Huxley and Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar  Elif Öztabak Avcı  2014 PhD



Light and darkness images in relation to emotions in John Milton's Paradise Lost  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2014 MA

Yazgı, Cihan. 

Hegemony, and value construction In Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of The Day and Never Let Me Go: a Marxist reading  Hülya Yıldız Bağçe  2013 MA

Yönkul, Ayşe.

A Brechtian analysis of Caryl Churchill's Mad Forest and Edward Bond's Red, Black and Ignorant  Hülya Yıldız Bağçe  2013 MA

Okuroğlu Özün, Şule.

Rethinking diaspora as heterotopia in works of Anita Deasi, Kamala Markandaya and Meera Syal  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2013 PhD

Turasan Çiğdem, Ferruh.

Othering and Hybridity in Joseph Conrad's Almayer's Folly  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2013 MA

Eşberk, Hatice.

Metadrama, theatricality and performativity in Samuel Beckett’s late plays (Co-advisor: Nursel İçöz) Margaret J. M. Sönmez 2013 PhD

Büyü, Gül. 

Evil in fairy tales across cultures : a study of Turkish and British fairy tales from a psychological perspective  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2013 PhD

Yıldırım, Tuğçe.

A Comparative narratological analysis of the representation of women in Homer’s the Odyssey and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of darkness  Elif Öztabak Avcı  2013 MA



Tragedy at Court: An Analysis of the Relationship between Jealousy, Honour, Revenge and Love in John Ford's "Love's Sacrifice" and Lope de Vega's "Punishment Without Revenge"  Dürrin Alpakın Martinez Caro 2013 MA
Onmus, Selime. Hybrid identities in the Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi and the Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri Meral Çileli 2012 MA
Kur, Hasret.  The Dislocation of power and alienation through the use of dramatic violence in Edward Albee's The Zoo Story, Eugene Ionesco's The Lesson and Sarah Kane's Blasted Meral Çileli 2012 MA
Öztürk, Gülüzar. The Construction of female identity in Timberlake Wertenbaker's The Grace of Mary Traverse and The Break of Day Meral Çileli 2012 MA
Alparslan, Ebru Didem. The constitution of the female subject in Emma and the proud woman (Mağrur Kadin)  Meral Çileli  2012 MA
Ertin, Serkan. Perpetuation of the gay male stereotype: a study on camping and closeting the gay male subculture inHollinghurst's fiction  Nurten Birlik  2012 PhD
Dörschel, Funda Başak. "Female identity”: rewritings of Greek and Biblical myths by contemporary women writers  Meral Çileli 2011 PhD
Mete, Barış. Reconceptualisation of realism in British postwar fiction: the cases of Iris Murdoch, Muriel Spark and John Fowles Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2011 PhD
Tuğlu, Utku. A bakhtinian analysis of William Golding’s rites of passage: heteroglossia, polyphony and the carnivalesque in the novel  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2011 MA
Sünbül, Çiçek. Nineteenth-century women’s place in George Eliot’s Middlemarch and Thomas Hardy’s the return of the native and tess of the d’urbervilles  Nursel İçöz 2011 MA
Yakut, Özge.   Sexuality and gender in Jeanette Winterson's two novels: Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit and Written On The Body  Nurten Birlik 2011 MA
Aktari, Selen. Abject representations of female desire in postmodern British female gothic fiction  Nursel İçöz  2010 PhD
Akçeşme, İfakat Banu. Comparative discourse analyses of gender constructions in the novels of Robert Heinlein, Ursula Le Guin, Joanna Russ and Samuel Delany  Nursel İçöz 2010  PhD 
Bilgin Tekin, İnci. Myths of oppression revisited in Cherrie Moraga and Liz Lochhead's plays Meral Çileli 2010  PhD 
Çıraklı, Mustafa Zeki. The relationship between narrative strategies and meaning in William Golding’s the inheritors, pincher martin and free fall  Margaret J. M. Sönmez 2010 PhD
Tekin, Kuğu. Parody in the context of Salman Rushdie’s magical realistic fiction: midnight’s children, the moor’s last sigh, and shalimar the clown  Nursel İçöz 2010 PhD
Korkmaz, Fatma Tuba. Rewriting myths: voicing female experience in Margaret Atwood's Surfacing and The Penelopiad and Marina Warner's Indigo and The Leto Bundle  Nurten Birlik 2010 MA
Yedekçi, Esra. Endless pursuit reality through metadramatic devices in Tom Stoppard's plays Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Real İnspector Hound and Travesties  Deniz Arslan 2010 MA
Çağlıyan, Murat. Gothic elements in sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2010 MA
Tekin, Burcu. The portrayal of universal harmony and order in Edmund Spenser’s Fowre Hymnes  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2010 MA
Sezer, Şermin. The question of identity in Hanif Kureishi’s the buddha of suburbia and the black album  Nurten Birlik 2010 MA
Akdoğan, Şule. Representation of nature in D.H. Lawrence's women in love and the plumed serpent and Virginia Woolf's the voyage out and Orlando: a biography Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2010 MA
Albayrak, Gökhan. Gender and sexuality in three British plays: "Cloud Nine" by Caryl Churchill, "My Beautiful Laundrette" by Hanif Kureishi, "The Invention of Love" by Tom Stoppard Ünal Norman 2009 MA
Bal, Mustafa. The end: the apocalyptic in in-yer-face drama Margaret J. M. Sönmez 2009 PhD
Kırca, Mustafa.  Postmodernist historical novels: Jeanette Winterson’s and Salman Rushdie’s novels as historiographic metafictions  Nursel İçöz  2009 PhD
Naseri Sis, Farzaneh. Iris Murdoch’s novel-plays: the impact of the use of dramatic elements on Iris Murdoch’s fiction  Nursel İçöz 2009 PhD
Sadrian, Mohammad Reza. Parody in Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, the real inspector hound, and Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth  Nursel İçöz  2009 PhD
Salman, Volhan. ‘Fabulation’ of metanarratives in julian barnes’s novels metroland, flaubert’s parrot, a history of the world in 10 ½ chapters, and england, England  Nursel İçöz 2009 PhD
Kaya, Hilal. Postmodernist and Poststructuralist Elements in Samuel Beckett's The Trilogy and Oguz Atay's Tehlikeli Oyunlar  Nursel İçöz 2009 MA
Toprak, Elif. The Kafkaesque theme of menace in Harold Pinter’s plays Ünal Norman 2008 MA
Örmengül, Seda.  The individual up against an irrational and cruel social system in edward bond's works: saved, lear, red, black and ignorant and tin can people Ünal Norman 2008 MA
Küçük, Hale.  Edward Albee's drama under the influence of Samuel Beckett Ünal Norman 2008 MA
Pekşen Yanıkoğlu, Seda. Psychological bisexuality and otherness in the novels of angela carter, virginia woolf, marge piercy and ursula le guin: a study from the perspective of ecriture feminine Nursel İçöz 2008 PhD
Karadaş, Fırat.  Imagination, metaphor and mythopoeia the poetry of three major English romantic poets  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2008 PhD
Umay Yurduseven, Menşure. Ideological issues in George Orwell’s works; a study of burmese days, keep the aspidistra flying and nineteen eighty-four  Dürrin Alpakın Martinez Caro 2008 MA
Hacızade, Günel. Wuthering Heights by Bronté and a hero of our time by Lermontov  Deniz Arslan  2008 MA
Baranoğlu (Çevik), Selen. An analysis of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Robert L. Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in relation to Lacanian criticism  Dürrin Alpakın Martinez Caro 2008 MA
Doğan, Buket. Shakespeare's Hamlet as a precursor of the Theatre of the Absurd (Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ünal Norman) Ünal Norman 2008 MA
Yazan, Bedrettin. Sectarian conflict and inability to construct a national identity in Northern Ireland in Christina Reid’s “tea in a China cup,” “did you hear the one about the Irishman … ?,” “joyriders,” “the belle of the Belfast city,” and “my name, shall i tell you my name?”  Nurten Birlik 2008 MA
Yılmaz, Victoria Bilge. Nietzschean nihilism and the ways to overcome it in Tom Murphy's plays "bailegangaire" and "the sanctuary lamp"  Nurten Birlik 2008 MA
Tokdemir, Gökçe. Worlds subverted: a generic analysis of the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, the subtle knife, and harry potter and the philosopher’s stone Nursel İçöz 2008 MA
Ayken, Edibe Serra.  The use of memory in Harold Pinter's Landscape, Silence, Night, Old Times, and No Man's Land Ünal Norman 2007 MA
Kuglin, Ayşegül.  The roles of male sexual predators in the novels of austen, charlotte and anne brontë, and gaskell Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2007 PhD
Baktır, Hasan. Representation of the Ottoman Orient in Eighteenth Century English Literature Nursel İçöz 2007  PhD 
Sağlam, Berkem Gürenci.  "The mystical city universal": representations of London in Peter Ackroyd’s fiction                                                                                                                                                                                                       Nursel İçöz 2007 PhD 
Uçar Özbirinci, Pürnur. Mythmaking in progress: plays by women on female writers and literary characters Meral Çileli 2007 PhD
Ertin, Serkan.  Dissociation of literacy characters : the use of "the double" as a defense mechanism in Ayckbourn's Woman in Mind, Friel's Philadelphia Here I Come!, and Shaffer's Equus  Ünal Norman 2006 MA
Korkut, Nil.  Kinds of parody from the medieval to the postmodern  Nursel İçöz  2005  PhD 
Zileli, Bilge Nihal.  Absurdity of the human condition in the Novels by Albert Camus and Samuel Beckett  Nursel İçöz 2005  PhD 
Özyurt Kılıç, Mine. The Function of the fantastic in the works of Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson Nursel İçöz 2005 PhD
Fırat, Serap. Caryl Churchill and gender roles : Owners, Cloud Nıne, Top Girls  Meral Çileli  2005 MA
Okuroğlu, Şule. An analysis of metafictional self-reflexivity in laurence sterne's the life and opinions of tristram shandy and William Gass' willie masters' lonesome wife  Nursel İçöz  2005 MA
Akgün, Ela. An analysis of gender issues in the lost girl and the plumed serpent by D.H. Lawrence  Meral Çileli 2005 MA
Kızılcık, Hale. Jungian archetypes in samuel beckett's trilogy Margaret J. M. Sönmez 2005 MA
Kocamaner, Hikmet. The use of language with ulterior motives in harold pinter's plays  Ünal Norman  2005 MA
Altındağ, Zümrüt. Rereading Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and Richard II: | Wesker's The Merchant and Ioneco's Exit the King Ünal Norman 2004 MA
Madran, Cumhur Yılmaz. An archetypal analysis of E. M. Forster's fiction Nursel İçöz 2004 PhD
Bal, Reyyan. The relationship between the individual and nature in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poems  Margaret J. M. Sönmez  2004 MA
Saraçoğlu, Semra. Self-reflexivity in postmodernist texts : a comparative study of the works of John Fowles and Orhan Pamuk Margaret J. M. Sönmez 2003 PhD
Uzunefe Yazgan, Yasemin. Vestiges of Greek tragedy in three modern plays - Eequus, A View from the Bridge and Long Day's Journey into Night Ünal Norman 2003 MA