Dear Undergraduate Students,

AdımODTÜ continues to support the scientific endeavors you undertake.

Within the scope of AdımODTÜ's Undergraduate Research Program, a total of 242 projects involving 1062 undergraduate students have been supported, with 17 projects in 2018, 27 in 2019, 57 in 2020, 64 in 2021, and 77 in 2022.

If you have ongoing or desired scientific projects during your undergraduate education, whether individually or as a team, you can apply by filling out the short form provided at the link below. Applications will be evaluated by our METU professors, and successful applicants will be invited to present their projects.

Project Details:

Applications are open to all undergraduate students and can be submitted until 24:00 on Friday, March 1, 2024.

Apply here:

Additionally, as a member of "The Global Undergraduate Research Awards" program, you have the opportunity to present your project at an international undergraduate research conference.

More information:

While AdımODTÜ's undergraduate research projects provide funding for your research, our research activities are now being publicized to the world through "MATTER," Türkiye's first undergraduate research journal, in its new format. The first issue has been printed and is available via the link below. The journal is being distributed to the libraries of reputable universities in Türkiye and worldwide, as well as to undergraduate research teams. With your advisor's permission, you can submit your publications to the "MATTER" journal.

MATTER Journal:

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